Our Core team
what makes us
Cyberk is a multinational innovation consultant and Agile software development business whose mission it is to assist organizations in embracing technology as a force for good. We collaborate with customers to develop innovative business models, launch products and services swiftly, and get leadership and culture ready for the future.
User Experience Designers
Users make or break your applications’ success. A software application needs to make the life of the user easier and help the user perform their tasks faster. The first step in our process is to create a prototype, a visual model of the software to be built. Successively, we develop the UI of the software.Developing the prototype and translating this the coded visuals is the work of the Experience Designer.
Quality assurance testers
A tester’s role is to ensure a working functionality in all scenarios - a developer will test the ‘happy flow’ of the application, iteratively while developing a feature in order to get to a working result. Problems may arise when users do not follow the exact flow that was intended.
Software engineer and developers
Developing software is a craft that takes years to perfect and our developers are trained full stack. Located in US, Singapore and Vietnam under an offershore development centre, we have a team of more than 70 developers with the ability to serve you round-the-clock.
Solution architects
Keeping an eye on business requirements and optimal technical solutions for delivery purposes which matches business requirements to a functional and scalable system.
Delivery Manager
Oversee and be a point of contact for you as well as ensure that the team has a strategy set out in order to deliver features according to the set plan.
Supercharge your project
Work with Cyberk to build the most user-friendly and interactive application Integrating our plug and play architectural set up, we believe that we are able to better meet the demands and requirements of your project. The solutions that we offer would be catered in accordance with what your project needs.
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