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an uncompromising standard
Our clients' products meet the highest quality requirements of top blockchains, exchanges, and launchpads, like Gate, Daomaker, and Solanium.
Expertise in Blockchain Verification
All Major Protocols Supported
We do not Suggest, we fix the issues
Time-saving Gurantee
Transparent Reports
audit process
systemetic and rigorous process
Protect your system with 5 simple steps.
step one
Share source code

step two
Get custom quote

step three
Deep security audit

step four
Correct Issues

step five
Provide full report
how does it work
protection before exploitation
Make sure your contract fulfills its intended purposes. Our security audit platform fully evaluates contracts and pinpoints key vulnerabilities. Cyberk Security audit certifies behaviours based on custom function specifications.
Smart contract Specification
Examination of all source code and deployment scripts.
Formal verification engine
Multi-faceted test environment guarantees accurate executions
Expert Review
Our engineers and security professionals will carefully double-check your code to verify no additional issues exist.
Complete security report
Comprehensive security reports highlight important vulnerabilities and detail whether each criteria has been verified or violated.
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